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About Us Manufacturing Department
Leather Masters Manufacturing Department PDF Print E-mail

Hours Of Operation:


Monday - Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM CST

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Local Phone: 214.528.3865  Outside Texas: 800.417.2636

Manufacturing inquires?  Contact Scott, Designer & Manufacturing Manager here. 


Before Leather Masters became a reality... we visited many leather stores around the country to try to get a feel for the competition, as well as to determine what the quality level was of goods being manufactured and sold. What we found was a glut of inferior product at an unacceptable markup. That alone made us determined to take on the challenge of producing our own line of apparel and accessories. We began with a high set of standards and as time and product technology improved, we have continually raised our own bar. Our goal now is to provide the VERY BEST in quality at the ABSOLUTE BEST in affordable cost.

Elsa, our designer and the Manufacturing Manager, began this journey with us, but retired in December of 2006.

IIn June of 2005 we aquired Leather By Boots in Dallas and with that came Scott Garrett who was their main tailor and designer. Before that Scott was the talent behind Second Skin Leather in New Orleans. Scott and his crew is still a motivating force within our company today. He is amazing at creation, and researching the finest leathers, and the most efficient and affordable hardware to create our well-constructed product. Scott, in partnership with many customers, has created some one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

They have been truly wild and exotic items, such as a leather tutu, a dog-shaped gold and silver leather purse, motorcycle seats, customer axe-and tool belts for City Fire Departments and much more! She even worked closely with a member of clergy in restoring a case from Old England. Whether it be a baby harness for a 250 lb man into infantilism, a tool belt for a construction worker, sword sheaths, full leather suites and hoods used for suspension, uniforms for a local leather club, a custom leather tuxedo,

Scott (left photo below) is our master taylor and the man who can make your dream come to fruition! The rest of the staff are his talented leather elfs!

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